On this page you will be able to download World of Tanks Blitz – new game from Wargaming for mobile devices running Android and IOS.

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Download World of Tanks Blitz for IOS –  v2.3 (1.26 GB)

Download WoT Blitz Android – usual link Google Play (1.26 GB)

.APK launcers:

The original .APK launcher v2.3.0.139 Android (44 MB) standard .APK file!

Upd: 11.11.15: added APK file for version 2.3

Universal Mod version by ProVector666 with levels of graphics ULTRA-LOW and ULTRA-HIGH:

WOT_BLITZ_2.3.0_139_U-LOW_U-HIGH_by_ProVector666-signed.apk (43.9 Mb)


  1. I will try to download and I will download

  2. Good

    • Bei mir funkt alles danke Leute 😀 PEEENIS

  3. When will it be released

  4. how download?

  5. I can not wait for it!

    • It is worth the wait!

  6. nem is fog kijönni!!

  7. Good game.

  8. Wow.

  9. Ich

  10. Gays help me,how can i download it the game?

  11. Guys help me,how do I download the game plz

  12. I like to Play World of tanks because i like it

  13. When this game can to download i cant wait……???

  14. how can I download the game men?

    • Bottom link

  15. trop mortel!!!

  16. tego gówna nie da się pobrać tak samo ja cammon test!!!!

  17. I already have world of tanks on Xbox but can’t wait for this one too

    • Me too

    • I’ve played wot over 3y :)

  18. please give me the download link

  19. Really looking forward to the android release. This game will ROCK on the Ouya (note to readers that my Ouya is running Cyanogenmod and not the official Ouya firmware).

  20. When it goes to android????????????

  21. When is the android version coming out?

  22. when is android download???

  23. you are great apple have it 3month and more but for android cant be it released i wanna to play wot blitz od my obile HTC one X but i mean 1 year forward i wont be in wot blitz or?

  24. Region Romania ,plss

    • Descarca APK-ul si instaleaza-l ca merge chiar daca de pe Magazin Play nu te lasa,la mine merge brici pe Galaxy S4 mini ,nu ma steptam sa mearga asa bine (40-50 fps)

      • Stii ce sa fac daca ma da afara din joc cand daunBattle?

  25. error reading from file :i

  26. Hey, the links does not work :(

  27. Colorblind mode please!!!

  28. Why doesn’t have in CROATIA??!!

  29. They says “global release”, but Google play says “not compatible with my device”. At official web page is my phone shown (Samsung Galaxy S II plus, gt-i9105p). I played wot blitz from ver. 1.4 installed by apk…. I mean Google play has issue :-( .

  30. After update to ver 1.5 on android, in battle I can’t see vehicles, only I see vehicle tracks. I tried uninstall game, delete all cash and after reinstall bug remains… :-( My smartphone Samsung Galaxy S II plus Gt-i9105p. Can someone help me?

  31. Super slow donwload

  32. When will the 1.6amp be available?

  33. Thank You, please new .apk verson next time 😉

  34. Cand dau Battle ma da afara din joc,ce sa fac????????

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  36. Wszystko działa,ale nie mogę połączyć się z google.

  37. Update the ultra high to 1.9 please

  38. Had been playing game and enjoyed on samsung tab 4 accidently uninstalled app when I tried to reinstalled said it down loaded but did not found out later it downloaded to my phone without me doing anything (not compatible with my Samsung phone now says not compatible with Samsung tab 4 and can’t even bring up app at play store when I go to Web site and try to download says not compatible just played it 3 days ago and my tab is on the list of devices must a Google thing wish they would STOP try to help me out by thinking for me and just let me do what I want, technology please fix

    • I have the same problem. I get the download through 1mobile market but they take several days to update to the new version.

    • Same thing happened to me.Looking for a fix.

  39. iOS please

  40. You are awesome man, thank you

  41. Update download
    It’s now 1.10

  42. Is there any where to download the 1.10 update other than google play and the apple app store they do not work for my device. I have been using it but i had to get the game from 1mobile market and they take several days to get the new update.

  43. Please mod for version 1.10

  44. thx this is the beste website

  45. No to prawda tego gówna nie da pobrac

  46. L o l
    L o l

  47. Thanks man. I love the apk files with modded graphics u have u have uploaded. And since I have downloaded ultra-high mod apk I started loving wot blitz even more

  48. Please update the ultra high mod to v 1.11

  49. Please update ultra high mod apk to v 1.11

  50. Chicken Why did not you comment how to download game? And Are you saying wait to download launcher?
    Then, I will ask. How much time I wait?

  51. Thanks man

  52. Da się…..Trzeba tylko troche pomyśleć

  53. Will this update to the latest update or you have tp download the new version

  54. Hi
    Idea is amazing :) can i ask for graphic with shadows ,without gras?
    It can be popular too

  55. Nice

  56. New update people!


    Need it NOW!

    • That literally did nothing, still out of date for some reason

  57. This 2.0apk link for Android is old…
    Plz update 2.0

  58. Help :( there is no update 2.0 / everytime i download and install the apk file, it is still version 1.11 ! Google playstore doesnt work, so please help me!

  59. Seems the apk link is not correct. I downloaded a version game, not 2.0. Please fix it

  60. Please fix this!

    The download isn’t the right one!

  61. They fix this download ???

  62. It is ok now , its correct

  63. You will make the apk versión low + ?

  64. I like this game

  65. I like this game is good

  66. :-)

  67. When is the next update for world of tanks

    • The next update is in December maybe on christmas day.

  68. The modpack APKs doesn’t work, well most of them anyway.

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