On this page you will be able to download World of Tanks Blitz – new game from Wargaming for mobile devices running Android and IOS.

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Download World of Tanks Blitz for IOS –  v1.7 (1.09 GB)

Download WoT Blitz Android – usual link Google Play (1.09 GB)

The original .APK launcher v1.7.0.114 Android (44 MB) standard .APK file! Upd: 25.02.15

At this point, the game has not come out for the platform Android, but once that happens the download link will appear here.

Well, for now you can watch the release date of World of Tanks Blitz.

39 thoughts on “Download”

  1. Really looking forward to the android release. This game will ROCK on the Ouya (note to readers that my Ouya is running Cyanogenmod and not the official Ouya firmware).

  2. you are great apple have it 3month and more but for android cant be it released i wanna to play wot blitz od my obile HTC one X but i mean 1 year forward i wont be in wot blitz or?

    1. Descarca APK-ul si instaleaza-l ca merge chiar daca de pe Magazin Play nu te lasa,la mine merge brici pe Galaxy S4 mini ,nu ma steptam sa mearga asa bine (40-50 fps)

  3. They says “global release”, but Google play says “not compatible with my device”. At official web page is my phone shown (Samsung Galaxy S II plus, gt-i9105p). I played wot blitz from ver. 1.4 installed by apk…. I mean Google play has issue :-( .

  4. After update to ver 1.5 on android, in battle I can’t see vehicles, only I see vehicle tracks. I tried uninstall game, delete all cash and after reinstall bug remains… :-( My smartphone Samsung Galaxy S II plus Gt-i9105p. Can someone help me?

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